Melwood and Linden Resources Agree to Historic Affiliation

Melwood and Linden Resources Agree to Historic Affiliation

May 24, 2017

Strategic affiliation designed to create greater job opportunities for people with differing abilities in the Washington metropolitan area.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD, May 24, 2017— Melwood and Linden Resources (“Linden”), two leading non-profit organizations in Maryland and Virginia, have formally agreed to a historic affiliation, creating one of the largest non-profit organizations in the Washington metropolitan area focused on creating jobs and delivering services for people with disabilities (our preferred term is “differing abilities”).

On July 1, Linden will become an affiliate of Melwood and, together, they will become the leading provider of jobs and development opportunities for people with differing abilities in the Greater DC Metro area. The combined organizations will be positioned to provide greater choices and quality services to the competitive integrated workforce arena, as well as establish a high-performing job market for people with differing abilities.

“We are excited to welcome Linden Resources into the Melwood family,” said Cari DeSantis, President & CEO of Melwood. “We have been actively considering partnerships to expand and diversify. Melwood has always had an excellent working relationship with Linden, and we both realized that our organizations share core values and missions. There’s no question the economic advantages and respective expertise of our organizations will enable us to bring long-term value to the people we serve, to our employees and to our customers in the community. Together, we are even stronger advocates for employment of people with differing abilities in the DC region.”

Melwood is a $90+ million non-profit agency established in Upper Marlboro, MD in 1963 and touted for its unique social entrepreneurial double bottom-line operations model. It’s a driving force behind job creation and independence for people with differing abilities throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Melwood maintains a competitive and inclusive workforce by providing a range of services to government agencies and the private sector.

Like Melwood, Linden is a non-profit, AbilityOne organization. It has been providing meaningful employment opportunities and innovative services for people with differing abilities in northern Virginia since 1959.

“The agreement marks another significant milestone in Linden’s strategic plan to remain a value-creating organization,” said Linda Chandler, CEO of Linden. “For the past year, we’ve examined our operations to determine how to ensure our trusted services continue for years to come. I believe that, by joining forces with Melwood and by leveraging our collective resources, we’ll make an even bigger impact on our community and the people we serve.”

Speaking at Linden’s annual Enriching Lives Breakfast in Arlington, VA, on Wednesday, May 17, Virginia Senator Barbara Favola (D) stated, “Linden Resources has provided work opportunities for people with disabilities in northern Virginia for almost 60 years. The exciting affiliation with Melwood will complement and expand services for those with barriers to employment.”

The affiliation is part of both organizations’ goals to become an even stronger competitive choice within the integrated workforce field. By agreeing to partner, Melwood and Linden are working toward achieving long-term growth and greater work opportunities for people with differing abilities.

The affiliated organizations will have nearly 2,000 employees, earn over $100 million in annual revenue, operate approximately 50 AbilityOne contracts and serve over 2,500 people with differing abilities each year in the Washington metropolitan area.


View Video Announcement from Cari DeSantis, President & CEO, Melwood.


About Linden

Linden Resources is a government and commercial solutions provider for the Federal government and Public Sector Industry, with over thirty years of experience in federal contracting under the AbilityOne program. Linden Resources provides contact centers, fulfillment and distribution, printing, document conversion and secure document destruction to government and commercial customers in order to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities while exceeding the expectations of their customers. Linden Resources was founded in 1959 as a 501(3)(c) nonprofit to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Since that time, Linden Resources has grown to employ, provide job placement and other innovative services and programs to serve each year more than 450 individuals with intellectual, physical and mental health disabilities, and wounded warrior veterans. For more information visit

About Melwood

Melwood is one of the largest employers of people with disabilities in the country, employing more than 1,600 workers – nearly 1,000 of whom are people with disabilities. Melwood offers job placement, job training, life skills for independence, and support services to more than 2,500 people each year in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Melwood also has an inclusive summer camp program for children and provides employment and support services to veterans and active-duty military members who have experienced service-related trauma or injury. For more information, visit

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