Melwood interns gain invaluable skills that will take them a long way in achieving their career aspirations.

Melwood’s Internship Program was designed to facilitate a mutually beneficial opportunity to the student and the organization. Our interns assist our staff with a number of projects, which improves productivity by allowing employees the time to accomplish higher-level, strategic initiatives where their attention and expertise is much better served. Ultimately, the program helps to accomplish several immediate objectives that aid in organizational workflow. Interns benefit from the program in many ways as well. They gain on-the-job experience, develop interpersonal skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, and assess their career interest and abilities. Offering a paid internship is particularly beneficial, helping students enhance their resume with marketable skills while earning the extra dollars they may need to sustain their lifestyle.


Melwood offers both paid and non-paid internships.


Paid interns receive a weekly stipend for up to 24 hours per week. The stipend will be paid in monthly installments. Interns are not entitled to any of the rights or benefits afforded to Melwood employees, including disability, unemployment, workers’ compensation, medical or other insurance, vacation or sick leave or any other employee benefit.

The Program

Melwood Internship Program offers an 8–12 week internship opportunity for undergraduates and graduates. Melwood also provides reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. A background check and drug screening will be required. Orientation and training are mandatory.

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