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Horticulture Therapy


The Horticulture Therapy program provides therapeutic outcomes for people through documented modalities, work and training experiences in greenhouse operations.

The program also uses horticulture as a way to engage the public and provide meaningful community engagement for people served.

The purpose of horticultural therapy is to connect people with nature. A trained therapist facilitates a wide array of therapeutic and enriching experiences while expanding knowledge on plant life and materials. The therapeutic garden environment offers individuals the opportunity to work with soil and follow cycles of the plant world through creative expression, improved self-esteem, attainment of new skills, and a sense of inclusion with nature and others.

Access Adventures


Access Adventures is Melwood’s Travel Program designed for people with disabilities who are at least 18 years old.

For over 40 years, Access Adventures has provided planned vacations for adults with disabilities. The program places a focus on small group, community-based vacations to offer memorable experiences to people with disabilities.

The Travel Program is designed for individuals with disabilities who are at least 18 years old. Access Adventures supports individuals in a 1:4 Travel Host (staff) to Traveler (participant) ratio. Accommodations are provided for individuals needing additional assistance.


Access Adventures also offers a variety of destination experiences including cruises, beach resorts, and vacations to Atlantic City, Disney World, New York City, and more.

Some vacations are based out of the Melwood Recreation Center, a 108-acre property in Southern Maryland. This facility provides accessible cabins and meeting spaces, as well as programming including horseback riding, challenge courses, and swimming, all of which are designed to be adaptable for individuals with special needs. These vacations range from overnights to weeklong retreats, some of which are themed to season, holiday, or activities.

Some trips are specifically designed for travelers in certain age groups (young adults and seniors) and others have itineraries developed specifically for travelers seeking a more active vacation or a more laid back and relaxed experience.

Camp Accomplish


Camp Accomplish provides quality inclusive camping experiences for campers of all ability levels in day and residential camp settings.

Since 1998, Camp Accomplish has provided quality inclusive camping experiences for campers of all ability levels in day and residential camp settings. Campers between the ages of 5 – 18 receive individualized support from trained counselors and program staff with a focus on ensuring each camper feels valued and successful in a challenging and safe environment.

For campers seeking a more specific activity focus, there are programming options that can be added on to the Camp Accomplish experience. These program offerings include swim lessons, equestrian programs, specialty camps and an introduction to work experience program for youth between 13 and 18. Most campers participate in a ratio of one counselor to five campers. Campers who require additional support can be placed in a lower staffing ratio, including 1:1 support.

What We Offer

Overnight Campers (Ages 8-12)

Overnight campers (ages 8-12) engage in a variety of daily activities from Sunday through Friday, including swimming, horseback riding, creative arts, the climbing wall, sports, challenge courses, and nature experiences. Campers live in cabin communities. Staffing patterns are individualized to the camper’s needs.

Day Campers (ages 5-12)

Day Campers (ages 5-12) participate in Monday-Friday sessions from 8am to 5pm, engaging in the same programming as overnight camp with support from counselors and program leaders.

Teen Program (Ages 13-18)

The “Teen Program” is designed for campers ages 13-18. The Teen Program is divided into four groups: Evergreen, Broadleaf, Oak, and Redwood. A camper’s assignment to each of these groups is dependent on the camper’s staffing ratio, ability and/or desire to gain leadership and work skills, and the camper’s interest in staying for one or two week sessions in a day or overnight setting.

  • Teens in the Broadleaf and Oak group focus on team building, leadership development, and strengthening work ethics.
  • Teens in the Evergreen group follow a more recreational-focused schedule and program.
  • Teens in the Redwood group have more independent and work/volunteer-focused scheduling, putting them in a more “junior staff” setting.

Teens in the Broadleaf, Oak, and Redwood groups spend at least part of their day in a structured vocational training environment. Some groups have the opportunity to complete community service at an off-site location. Teens in the two week overnight programs also have the opportunity to plan and complete a Camp Improvement Project as well as plan for, budget, and participate in an off-site day trip.

Equestrian Program


Promise Landing Farm at the Melwood Recreation Center offers equestrian programs for riders of all ages, including riders with disabilities.

Promise Landing Farm’s equestrian services at the Melwood Recreation Center offers a fully inclusive environment for riders of all ages, including riders with disabilities. Lessons are taught by PATH International credentialed professionals to ensure all instructors have a robust understanding of both horsemanship and teaching people with disabilities. PLF’s unique approach gives every participant hands-on opportunities to work alongside the horses and each other through interactive and educational learning spaces designed to be fully inclusive and accommodate all learning styles.

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