Serve Those Who Have Served

You can play a powerful role in helping veterans find “Peace with the Past through Power in the Present.”

Over the years, Melwood’s Operation Tohidu has supported hundreds of veterans.


Melwood is all about finding helping veterans find “Peace with the Past, through Power in the Present”.

Healing Retreat

Operation Tohidu®

Melwood’s flagship veterans program, Operation Tohidu® is a transformative retreat program that promotes “Peace with the Past, through Power in the Present” and encourages participants to reframe their trauma, so that they can approach life with renewed purpose and positivity.


Geared towards recognizing and serving those who have served.

At Melwood, veterans, service members, families, and caregivers can find a community geared towards recognizing and serving those who have served.

There are many words to honor veterans, but to us, honoring veterans comes in the form of actions taken.


It’s more than just words.

“Melwood works to empower veterans struggling with service-related trauma in order to help them transform their own lives.”

Our mission is something we strongly believe in. It is more than just words to honor our veterans it is the belief we come in with every day to make a better life for those who have served our country and made it possible for us to do our jobs.

Programs for Veterans

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Vehicle Donation Program

For over 16 years, we’ve operated one of the most successful car donation programs on the East Coast, processing over 200,000 vehicle donations.

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