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The Melwood Recreation Center has made an impression on the lives of hundreds of campers, their families, and program volunteers.

Hear first hand their stories about how the Melwood Recreation programs have made a difference in their lives.

Connor C.

Connor's mother learned about Camp Accomplish from another parent in her son's class.

Alex & Ella

Alex and Ella first came to Camp Accomplish in 2012 and have now become a part of the Melwood family enjoying many of the activities year round.


Gregory's mom originally heard about Camp Accomplish from a special education consultant.

Connor P.

Connor's parents were given a packet of materials when their son was first diagnosed with Autism. Included in that packet was information on Camp Accomplish - but they didn't sign him up until a friend recommended it.

Matthew & John

Matthew and John's mother located information on Camp Accomplish while searching inclusive camp programs online.

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For over 16 years, we’ve operated one of the most successful car donation programs on the East Coast, processing over 200,000 vehicle donations.

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