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As a proud and longstanding member of the Arlington community, Melwood is eager to build on its efforts to create a world where people with disabilities are fully included by redeveloping and reimagining its Arlington campus into an affordable, inclusive housing project. Addressing a critical need, both for affordable housing in our community and independent living options for people with disabilities, the property, which sits on 750 23rd St. S., will be redeveloped into an affordable 100+ unit residential building, with approximately 1/3 of those units set aside for people with disabilities.

Like everything Melwood does, the strategy for this initiative is focused on inclusion and economic empowerment, versus isolation or separation. Arlington has median rent prices of $2,013 for a one-bedroom unit and $2,437 for two bedrooms. Finding an affordable place to live independently when you launch your career in this region is already difficult and the barriers are greater for people with disabilities. The proposed development will also include space for Melwood to continue to provide employment opportunities, workforce development support services, and community programing for people with disabilities.

Follow along with the story of this redevelopment reimagining below:

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