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Selonia Miles

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Selonia Miles

Ms. Miles was elected to the Dumfries Town Council in May 2018, with a historic turn-out for a May election. She is a proponent of Disability Awareness and Inclusion and focuses on creating policies that support equity and inclusion for all. As Councilwoman, she proposes policies, sets tax rates, approves annual budgets, and enacts ordinances to execute these policies. Ms. Miles facilitated training for the Town of Dumfries Police Department to educate them on recognizing the signs of a person with a developmental disability in distress and how to appropriately respond. She serves as Vice Chair of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Planning Coordination Advisory Committee.

Since 2015, Ms. Miles also serves as a Logistics Management Specialist with the U.S. Department of the Navy and specializes in logistical operations and federal entitlements. She also served in leadership capacities as an advisor on logistical and transportation matters.
Ms. Miles is a graduate of Georgetown University where she majored in Social and Public Policy; Virginia Commonwealth University’s Minority Political Leadership Institute’s class of 2014; the 2017 Emerge cohort; and a 2018 graduate of the Partnership in Policymaking cohort for the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities.

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