Melwood ABILIT

In partnership with Cybrary, this 14-week training program consists of both technical training and professional and personal development.

This wrap-around training is the cornerstone of Melwood’s 55-year long success. The program’s design ensures that participants are equipped with both the technical know-how and soft skills necessary to join and succeed on any project team.

Data Labeling Program

Are you interested in gaining skills to prepare you for a career in AI? Melwood has partnered with Enabled Intelligence, a global leader in mission-critical AI data solutions for the US Defense and Intelligence Community to offer a Geospatial Data Labeling Bootcamp. This week long, intensive training program will provide data labeling skills and knowledge to meet the needs of programs in the defense and intelligence community. Training on soft skills needed to be successful in a professional environment will also be included in the curriculum. Graduates of the program will leave with a new skill set in a growing field and will be eligible for a full time opportunity at Enabled Intelligence.

About Enabled Intelligence:
Enabled Intelligence specializes in world-class data labeling and AI annotation services, focusing on sensitive and classified datasets across a wide array of markets. They have an emphasize the crucial role of high-quality inputs and detailed accuracy in developing advanced AI applications, leveraging a specialized team adept at all types of secure data labeling, including audio files, unstructured text, images, and video. EI is committed to providing meaningful career opportunities to subject matter exerts, people who are neurodiverse, people with disabilities and veterans, harnessing their unique skills for unparalleled attention to detail in data annotation.

AI Training Program


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What if your organization could finally fill its entry-level cybersecurity positions while also positively impacting society?

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Our new abilIT program consists of soft skills training and technical instruction, followed by job search assistance, placement, and on-the-job coaching.

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