Melwood is all about finding ways to honor our veterans.

We want to make sure that they are taken care of after their service to their country is concluded. With federal benefits for veterans available we wondered what we could do. So, we created Melwood Veterans Services (MVS). Knowing the facts about veterans and their unemployment rate spurred Melwood into creating more services for those who served the country.


Geared towards recognizing and serving those who have served.

Melwood Veterans Services (MVS) is where veterans, service members, families, and caregivers can find a community – geared towards recognizing and serving those who have served. Melwood helps build a community for those involved in the program by gathering information about vets who come into the program and those who are trying to find employment without our assistance.

There are many words to honor veterans but to us honoring veterans comes in the form of actions taken. The MVS is a tribute to all veterans for their service and action to help them in their community.


It’s more than just words.

“To empower veterans struggling with the effects of service-related trauma and/or seeking employment to transform their own lives and exercise their fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness.”

Our mission is something we strongly believe in. It is more than just words to honor our veterans it is the belief we come in with every day to make a better life for those who have served our country and made it possible for us to do our jobs.

Serving Those Who Have Served

Over the years, Melwood supported hundreds of veterans.

Supporting veterans to overcome physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges associated with post-traumatic stress, mild traumatic brain injury, and other service-related traumas. The MVS is our tribute to veterans for everything they have done.


MVS grew out of the Operation Tohidu® program.

Operation Tohidu® is a Melwood program, founded in 2014 as an experiential and healing retreat for veterans and service members. Our team comprises of veterans and specialists who have direct experience with the issues at hand, either from their military service or intimate, relevant work in support of those who served.

Services Offered

Veterans can find assistance with employment, career development, and community reintegration.

Operation Tohidu®

MVS offers several services to our Nation’s veterans. Our transformative retreat program (Operation Tohidu®) continues to promote the mantra “Pease with the past, through power in the present.” This encourages veterans in the program to reframe trauma, injuries, or memories from war and military experiences, so they can go through life with renewed purpose and positivity.

Leadership Training

MVS also provides corporate leadership training on best practices for hiring veterans with disabilities. While the government does have disabled veterans benefits we want them to be able to join the workforce. Melwood’s longstanding history of employing and training veterans with physical, behavioral, or other service-related challenges revealed a gap in employment-related services for wonder warriors. Melwood human resources and vocational support services staff work in a close partnership with MVS to create and implement appropriate accommodations for veterans living with post-traumatic stress, other behavioral, or physical challenges.

Help Us Support Veterans

Your support and the involvement of our community is vital in fulfilling our mission. Whether it’s through supplying resources and manpower, spreading the word, or monetary donations, we at MVS appreciate your generosity and attention to our cause!

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