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Sandra Ginyard

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Meet Sandra

Sandra Ginyard is a committed donor who supports Melwood and its United Way campaigns.

As a dedicated employee at Melwood, the organization’s core value of stewardship is very important to her. Every contribution she makes to Melwood (monetary and otherwise) is because she believes in the mission and truly supports its vision.

“I believe in sowing in good soil, and Melwood is doing a lot of wonderful things to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. These initiatives ultimately help persons served to transform their lives. It’s not rhetoric for me.”

Sandra believes that every opportunity Melwood provides to people with disabilities breaks down barriers (attitudinal, financial, societal, etc.), and are a triumph for individual and societal advancement.

“These advancements cause people to change their perspective and help us communicate our ultimate vision of having a world where people with disabilities are fully included.”

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