2021 Enriching Lives Breakfast

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2021 Enriching Lives Breakfast

DATE: June 16, 2021



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June 16, 2021, 9AM-10AM EST

Melwood is celebrating! We have many reasons to be excited about this summer – and we’ll kick it all off at the virtual Enriching Lives Breakfast on Wednesday June 16th, from 9-10 AM ET.

Start your morning by hearing from our youth and veterans about their stories of hope, perseverance and triumph. Thank you to those of you who attended the Enriching Lives Breakfast in December 2020, you made our event a great success!

This is a fundraiser – but you don’t have to donate to attend. Just come and listen to people whose lives have been dramatically changed by attending programs like

  • Camp Accomplish – our inclusive summer camp for children of all abilities.
  • Operation Tohidu® – our specialized retreat programs for veterans and their families affected by post-traumatic stress (PTS) and military sexual trauma (MST). 

As we start on the road to recovery from the pandemic, this is a critical time for Melwood to not “miss a beat” in providing services to people who rely on us. We have to pivot from virtual programs to in-person programs but still continue the innovative virtual programs we pioneered for people who don’t yet feel comfortable returning in person.

Many of you attended the Catalyst for Inclusion events in the spring which focused on children and youth with disabilities and injured veterans. At that time, we told you about the upcoming Enriching Lives Breakfast as the culmination of those events. During the series, you heard about the challenges faced by children transitioning from school to adulthood, the pandemic toll on the education and well-being of children with disabilities, how veterans’ lives were transformed by our Operation Tohidu retreats and the financial planning options for people with disabilities. We hope you found the sessions informative. If you missed some of them, you can find them HERE.

We look forward to seeing you online on June 16 from 9-10 am ET. Please RSVP HERE and you can look forward to another fun, feel-good Enriching Lives Breakfast to start your day.

Melwood’s programs have helped thousands of people with disabilities and injured veterans in the DC Metro Area for almost 60 years – but we have so much more to do! YOUR SUPPORT is essential to our success. If you can’t attend but would like to support this event, please go HERE to make a donation.

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