Get Vaccinated

Why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine

  • Getting vaccinated is the best way to defeat this virus and get back together— safely gathering with family and friends, indoor dining, weddings, concerts, sporting events, and travel.
  • The vaccines are effective. They prevent nearly 100% of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19.
  • The vaccines are safe. Nearly 2 billion people worldwide have already received a vaccine and are protecting their loved ones and neighbors.
  • Do it for your community. Getting vaccinated helps decrease the likelihood of new, more deadly versions of this virus developing and greatly lowers community spread.

Who can get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Everyone age 12 and older in the United States can now get a free COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of your immigration or health insurance status.

Vaccines Near You

You have three easy ways to get more information and find vaccines near you:

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Go to

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Text your ZIP code to 438829

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Let’s #VaxTogether so we can get #BackTogether

To talk to someone in your local community about getting the vaccine,
contact Melwood at 1-833-260-8962 or email [email protected]

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