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Robb Wong

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Robb Wong, Director, is the CEO of FedSolve, LLC, a management consulting company for small businesses. He recently served as the leading United States advocate for small business government contractors as the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Associate Administrator (government contracts policy) from 2017-2020. Appointed by the White House, he worked extensively with senior leaders in Congress, DoD, and other industries to increase opportunities for small business government contractors. In that period, he issued a multitude of new regulations; implemented legislation that enabled the U.S. to exceed federal goals for small business utilization; and also increased prime contract opportunities by 34% ($133+ billion in prime contracts; and $90 billion in sub-contracts).

Robb’s influence and understanding of SBA and 8a is unique. He worked with one of the first 8a companies in the U.S. while in high school and college. From 1987-1997 he was an SBA attorney at HQ where he wrote the 8a Program eligibility regulations. From 1997-2017 he founded FedSolve through which he owned, led, and advised a multitude of successful SBA-certified small business contractors. For 10 years he helped to teach “Entrepreneurship for Lawyers” at Georgetown Law; and participated in Georgetown’s Business School’s entrepreneurship programs.

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