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Brian Callahan

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Brian Callahan

Mr. Callahan is a graduate of Melwood’s abilIT training program. He is self-taught in several programming languages but struggled to find an appropriate position that aligned with his expertise and experience. Mr. Callahan was hired by KPMG as part of their commitment to an inclusive workplace. He is a quality assurance associate on a large initiative within the federal consulting practice, which will see the roll out of a modern government cloud capability. Mr. Callahan works with teams to perform comprehensive testing and receives high praise for finding bugs and defects upfront. He is proficient in creating, texturing, and rigging 3D models, objects, and scenery; creating and animating logos; and building websites. Mr. Callahan received his BS degree from the Art Institute of Washington. He possesses a TIA A+ certification and received a certificate of completion from TechAdvance of George Mason University.

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